A Few Words About Cross Bay Chemist

Cross Bay Chemist is conveniently located between 157th and 158th avenues on Cross Bay Blvd. in Howard Beach and between 96th and 97th streets on 101st Avenue in Ozone Park. We are family owned and operated and place great emphasis on customer service. Our friendly environment and delivery service separate us from other pharmacies. Come in and give us a try and join our pharmacy family. On our web site you can refill your prescriptions, find out what our specials are, rent medical equipment & sign up for our newsletter

Pharmacist Frank Pantina

I remember delivering the newspaper after school during my grammar school years along with prescription drugs. Jampol Pharmacy was right up the block from my house and he paid me $2/hour plus tips. It was an old independent pharmacy, but I saw Mr. Jampol work by himself every day. He used to fill prescriptions, put orders away and help the neighborhood people. It was great seeing Mr. Jampol's dream of being a pharmacy owner corne true. Unfortunately, Mr. Jampol sold it to a chain drugstore and "cashed in his chips." I was heartbroken, but I knew what I needed to do.

Many years later, I graduated pharmacy school and continued working in an independent pharmacy (mom-and-pop store). I always said to myself that I would never work for a chain drugstore. The reason: lack of personal service and patient relationship, plus no job satisfaction. I feel that in a small community pharmacy you develop that one-on-one relationship. You begin building friendships and grow with the neighborhood.

What I had to do, and did was open my own drugstore. I placed Cross Bay Chemist in between chain drugstores. People think I'm crazy. They may be right, but I believe in the "David and Goliath theory," not in the "Big fish eats the little fish." I feel if you offer outstanding personal service, better prices, pickup and delivery and a friendly environment, people will come.

Isn't opening your own business the American dream? I was born and raised in this great land with an Italian background. My parents, Italian immigrants, always instilled in me that if I work hard and treat people the way I want to be treated, then I will be successful. That's what I have and will always do.

The next time you choose to go into a chain pharmacy, think for a minute. Ask yourself, who am I supporting? Some big corporation making millions of dollars from "just another" customer like yourself. Please don't forget what this great country stands for: supporting small business, not corporate America.
It's time for you to take a stand and support your community and neighhorhood pharmacy. Come to Cross Bay Chemist and experience the difference.

As seen in the Queens Chronicle

As seen in the Queens Chronicle

Six years ago, I opened Cross Bay Chemist in Howard Beach. Our pharmacy has become successful thanks to our hard work, perseverance and friendly atmosphere, but most importantly, our loyal customers, who have become friends.

Despite competition from chain drug stores, we have managed to strive and grow. We thank you and want you to remember that you should be proud that a small mom and pop pharmacy has flourished. We represent you - our clients and friends.

Cross Bay Chemist has happened because of our determination and devotion to you. We pride ourselves on customer relationships and impeccable customer service. We treat our clients the way we want to be treated - with respect and kindness.

Many ask, how do we compete with the chain drug stores? The chains have everything, plus parking. True, but they don't have us. We treat our customers like they are part of the family. When you come into an establishment and the staff knows your name and what you need and like, that works for me and I know it works for you, too.

And don't forget about our great prices, sales and delivery service, which is free of charge.

Now that we're opened a second location, I am so excited to be part of the Ozone Park community. I feel that Ozone Park deserves its own neighborhood friendly pharmacy. The area is surrounded by mostly chain drug stores. It's time to create that neighborhood camaraderie that comes with having your own family pharmacy.

I want people in Ozone Park to be able to say what those in Howard Beach have been saying for years - that
Cross Bay Chemist is "my pharmacy." This is where I go to shop and fill my prescriptions. Frank and Carol are
"our pharmacists" and we are proud to have "our local pharmacy."

Cross Bay Chemist of Ozone Park is in it for the long haul. For us, it's not a sprint but a marathon. We are here to provide exceptional service to everyone, regardless of a patient's culture, heritage, race or religion. Whatever their insurance plan may be, we are here to help them and this community.

Please allow Cross Bay Chemist in Howard Beach and Ozone Park to be your pharmacies. Help us make our Ozone Park location successful. Allow us to help you with all your pharmacy needs. Support your neighborhood pharmacy and let's show those chains that we still believe in the small, local community pharmacies.


"I've been shopping at Cross Bay Chemist for years. They are always quick to help me when I have questions and everyone is really nice there. I could never imagine going back to one of those big phamacys ever again."

"When I was sick it was great to deal with Frank at Cross Bay Chemist. He treated me like a person and not just someone standing in line. The way they take care of people is just amazing, I would never go anywhere else!"

"I love the monthly flyer I get from Cross Bay Chemist. There are so many great deals and now a days I can't pass up a great deal!"